Karianne Michelle

Meet Karianne


From climbing corporate ladders to carving my own path.


Karianne Michelle spent 15 years leading branding, digital marketing, advertising strategy and execution for some of the world's biggest brands, including State Farm, Hewlett-Packard, and GE. Yet, it was during her time as Vice President of Digital at Weber Shandwick that Karianne’s professional trajectory changed, as she began personally struggling with infertility.

In her search for answers, Karianne deepened her commitment to yoga and was drawn to the meditative art of sound baths, which use music to help release stress and expand consciousness. After experiencing life-changing benefits, Karianne began exploring additional healing practices, including Qigong, which ultimately inspired her to carve out a new path for herself and her professional career.

Backed by her passion for inner wellness and her exceptional branding background, Karianne launched Lofti--a branding education agency that applies the same multimillion dollar concepts used by the world’s strongest, most recognizable brands to individuals and their unique stories. Lead by wellness-centric values, Lofti refines and leverages each client’s story to get them to their next level of greatness, in either their career or business, without losing their sense of self and purpose in the process. 

From real estate agents, consultants, restaurateurs and performing artists to dental practices and event management companies, Lofti has privately coached over 500 leaders, while also facilitating branding and wellness workshops in London, Africa and throughout the U.S. Blending Karianne’s industry experience with meditation and grounding techniques, Lofti clients walk away with an authentic, powerful brand story, an easy-to-implement, practical guide on ways to leverage their story to elevate their business and brand, and wellness habits and practices to incorporate into their daily routine, as they work towards meeting their greater career and business goals.



We are excited to make our services even more accessible through the launch of Lofti Academy—an online resource designed for go-getters who want to better define their brand, on their schedule. We will be adding mindful meditation and professional development courses throughout 2019.

In addition to Lofti, Karianne is an experienced speaker, panelist and moderator. From local venues in Chicago with EvolveHer, General Assembly, and the River North Business Association to international gigs in London with Second Home and Tunisia with The Carter Center, she loves talking all things brand strategy, digital marketing, career transitions, corporate wellness, small business ownership, and women in technology.


A little about me…

  • In my spare time, I put my music degree to work as a paid singer throughout the Midwest (if you ever see me out and about Chicagoland, come say hello!)

  • I love public speaking. No, seriously. The bigger the crowd the more excited I am!

  • I’m a first generation American and attribute my perseverance to my incredible mother who immigrated from South Africa at age seven.

  • I’ve practiced yoga for over 20 years and believe the best medicine is movement.

  • My sun sign is Pisces, but I definitely should have been an Aquarius.




My specialty is igniting inspiration in individuals


I’m skilled at flexing my style to meet the needs of every group I lead. Since being certified in facilitation in 2006, I’ve designed and facilitated meetings for global corporate teams, non-profit organizations and integrated creative agencies. I’m also extremely passionate about partnering with bold leaders to help them hone in on a single vision and find smarter ways to solve business problems that enhance that vision.

My original branding workshops and wellness trainings are offered in select international cities throughout the year. Each session is a unique experience designed for a limited number of participants and often customized to the audience, offering an opportunity for personalized feedback on your brand story.




A master moderator, panelist and keynote speaker

Aside from putting my music degree to work as a paid singer, I also enjoy spending time on stage as a moderator, speaker and panelist covering everything from brand strategy and digital marketing to career transitions and small business.



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Helping high-achieving leaders accelerate results


Whether you’re looking to increase customer engagement improve revenue growth or lay out an expedited path to the job of your dreams, I’m here to help you take the smarter approach to professional and small business brand development. My process is based on best practices and experience gained during my decade-plus career growing the world’s leading global brands, adapted to the individual and small business world.